Meet Holger Woeltje

His presentations are captivating and fun. Holger is passionate for travelling and making life easier by using technology. He`ll show you how to use your technology and the internet to make your goals become reality. He is also a certified Salsa Dance instructor. You`ll love his personal style in how he teaches professional business strategies as well as delivering technology tips, in a humorous manner, packed with stories and real-life examples.

He`ll show you how to survive the daily flood of e-mails, find important information when you need it, keep track of your tasks, set your own priorities (instead of always being pushed by others) and get important stuff done in time to achieve big results and spend more time for what matters most to you.


Holger began his career working in the security department of Europe`s largest IT company. He started his own consulting  business in 2002. He holds a bachelor of science in engineering degree (and also a German "Diplom-Ingenieur (BA)" degree) and has authored 7 books with more than 500.000 (German) copies sold. He is Germany's leading expert in electronic time management.

Working internationally with many Fortune Global 500 companies like Credit Suisse, Ford, GE, Hewlett-Packard, Johnson & Johnson, Lufthansa and Microsoft, he has learned what works. He takes the most complex electronic things, the best tips and tricks for everyday use of Outlook as well as proven time management strategies and explains them in simple, easy to understand language. So you can make them work for you to get more done and get your life back!

Holger's English book:


Effective Time Management: using Microsoft Outlook to organize your work and personal life

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German books written by Holger Woeltje: