Cape Town, May 12, 2014: Effective Time Management - using Outlook to organize your work & maximize your productivity

Seminar on Monday May 12, 2014, 10:00 AM till 06:00 PM

The Westin Cape Town
Convention Square
8000 Cape Town
South Africa

Only 12,4 miles from Cape Town Airport CPT, South Africa

Effective Time Management: using Outlook to organize your work & maximize your productivity (Public Seminar)

Take charge, sharpen your focus, combat distractions and manage your time with complete confidence. Use Microsoft Outlook for effective time management in a way that suits today's challenges: survive the daily flood of email messages, find important information when you need it, keep track of your tasks, and have more time for what matters most to you.

Apply proven time management techniques to your work and use Outlook not just as an email client but to plan all of your activities and appointments, to prioritize your tasks and to always see what matters most to do it first.


You'll learn how to

  • gain more quality time for your most important tasks,
  • stay relaxed - cope with email and information overload,
  • use your Outlook task list and calendar more efficiently,
  • schedule time for productivity - and defend it against interruptions,
  • organize email in a systematic way,
  • get your work done on time instead of doing overtime, and;
  • use Microsoft Outlook to maximize your productivity with the best tips and tricks that'll make your day at the office much easier!


Your Instructor: Holger Woeltje

When you want to

  • save precious time,
  • use Outlook to really increase your productivity,
  • focus on what matters most,
  • get rid of email clutter, and;
  • gain more free time,

Holger is the guy to call!


Working internationally with companies like Credit Suisse, Ford, Hewlett Packard, Lufthansa, Microsoft, Pfizer, and SAP, he has learned what works. He takes the most complex electronic devices, the best tips and tricks for the everyday use of Outlook as well as proven time management strategies and explains them in simple, easy to understand language - so you can make them work, get more done and get your life back!

PDF-Brochure with agenda

Please click here to download a PDF with more details (agenda, instructor bio) and all information from this page:  Download seminar brochure

Price and what's included

  • Includes course tuition,
  • course materials and outlook videos to repeat what you have learned,
  • a full lunch,
  • on site parking,
  • snacks during the breaks (including biltong) and beverages.
  • Only $ 330 USD (currently converts to R3440.00 ZAR, which may change slightly depending on the exchange rate of the day you register).
  • A maximum of 10 attendees to guarantee high impact learning.

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